They just do not get it…

And they still believe that they gays, transgenders, lesbians, etc.. are the ones who are causing this world to crumble (No, that would be George Bush, but I digress).

Received in an email today, this time from our “friends” at Focus on the Family.. No, Lemme Sum up, is too long:

First, Gov. Bill Ritter of Colorado signed into law an outrageous bill that, in the name of providing “equality” for homosexuals and transgenders, actually allows men to use women’s restrooms—right alongside women and little girls. The new law does much more—I’ll get to that in a moment—but this frightening aspect alone makes one ask: If the privacy of innocent children isn’t enough to derail the homosexual activists’ agenda, what is?

First, you insipidly stupid man, this bill is NOT about a man being allowed into the ladies’ room. It’s about men AND women who IDENTIFY as the opposite sex(or are becoming the opposite sex) to be allowed to use the bathroom they most predominantly identify with–or, said slower for you Christian-College Educated people: if a guy is having a sex change and he identifies as a girl, he can use the ladies room. And you know what, your kids won’t know the fucking difference because he’ll be dressed as a woman!

Second, as you are no doubt aware, last month the state of California began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Yes, we’ve seen this before (Massachusetts), but what makes this threat so grave is that California—unlike Massachusetts—allows non-residents to get married, even if they are from one of the 48 states that still prohibit so-called same-sex “marriage.”

That means that very soon, the God-ordained structure of marriage will be on trial in state and federal courts around the nation, as homosexual couples return to their states and demand to have their “marriage” recognized. The scenario we began warning about in the mid-1990s is almost upon us.

It’s about fucking time too! Marriage is NOT a Christian entity. Never was. You dumbasses took it upon yourself to make it yours. No one (except your completely illogical book, written by a imaginary being) gave you that right; which isn’t really a right, but an assumption. And they have every right to demand you morons recognize them. While we still have racism today, we don’t have it as we did decades ago. It’s sad to think that in some sense, it still exists to the point where we are now denying basic human rights to someone simply because of who they choose to sleep with.

You want a way to end “this chapter”? I got it for you: When we have the right to regulate how many brats you pop out and are allowed to force you to limit your brood to a reasonable number (like say, nothing above 4) and we can force you to adopt children who are sadly in need of decent parents (and not from 3rd world countries either), and we can dictate to you how you should live on a daily basis–right down to how often you have sex– then and only then, can you dictate to us who we marry. Until then, shut the fuck up and stay the fuck out of my bedroom and I’ll stay out of yours.


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  1. Brian
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 08:52:10

    Tell is like it is. Government, religion and society have no right to legislate morality.

  2. decrepitoldfool
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 23:23:54

    But… but… what if our kids come to think of gays and transgenders as people and, uh…

    (thinks hard)

    Oh wait – that would actually be a good thing. In a sane society, at least.

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