One Million Moms and the AFA

It seems I’ve attracted a sparring partner in Shelly M over at Shortsighted Indeed.. and what’s funny is that aside from her being a Christian and my not being one, we’ve both got a lot in common. I don’t know just how much sparring we’ll actually do, but since I’m in the mood for it; let’s see if this starts our first battle.

First, I now have a definition for the “Gay Agenda”. Per the AFA:

Defining the Gay Agenda

An agenda is defined by Merriam-Webster as either (1) “a list or outline of things to be considered or done,” or (2) “an underlying often ideological plan or program.”

When it comes to the concept of a “gay agenda,” it is actually quite easy to discover what gay activists are trying to accomplish.

For example, a simple search on Wikipedia under “March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation 1993” will turn up a list of demands issued by the coalition of homosexual groups which participated.

Other aspects of the “gay agenda” can be found on the Web sites of such prominent homosexual lobby groups as the Human Rights Campaign ( or the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force ( On such sites there is an extensive treatment of agenda items.

From AFA’s perspective, we believe the core goal of the homosexual movement is to abolish the traditional, Judeo-Christian view of human sexuality, marriage and family. In that regard, the homosexual movement is the latest and most radical manifestation of the Sexual Revolution.

So basically, the “Gay Agenda” is anything that tries to get equal rights for human beings on a planet that their “God” made. The “Homosexual Movement” (as opposed to the “bowel movement”), is responsible for making sure people get that they are human too, and all they want is equal rights. But according to the AFA, this is a bad thing because it is the most “radical manifestation of the Sexual Revolution” ever. Of course, since those Damn Hippies (Not the Damn Yankees) started the “Sexual Revolution”, you just know this is a bad thing because if the hippies were rotten, filthy, low lifes, with no aspirations for anything but “fucking”, then those homosexuals (not homosapiens, wait.. “homo”…hahaha we’re all fucking gay!!! Gay monkeys!!) are certainly positively the most evil and vile things in existence. [sarcasm off]

And if you want a really good laugh, see their “Principals Which Guide The AFA’S Opposition To The Homosexual Agenda”. It’s funny how they equate being gay with “sodomy”, you know–because after all, all those gays ever do is fuck each other up the ass. Snarf.

“Lord, Protect me from your followers for they have sinned”.

Now, it should come as no surprise then, that the AFA hosts One Million Moms (and dads and youth); a website geared towards removing anything that is not “wholesome, healthy, and loving of the Christian Family” on television, print, or radio. Here’s where Shelly and I may start sparring with each other–I LOATHE the AFA and One Million Moms. I wish they’d back the fuck off of me, my bedroom, my life, how I raise my kids, what my kids watch, etc… I also especially loathe the fact that you think your balls are big enough to control what comes through on my cable television that I PAY FOR. Not you.

Here’s a clue: Go buy SkyAngel and shut the fuck up. Pay them to show you what you think belongs on television. You don’t like what’s shown on regular tv, either buy them or shut your damn tv off. Hell, getting rid of it is even better. But for pete’s sake, stop trying to control what I watch on tv. It’s none of your damn business. And don’t try to pull “what if my precious little timmy is at your house and accidentally catches a glimpse of something horrible?” with me. Because you know damn good and well that your Little Timmy won’t be at my house (or anyone else’s for that matter) because you actively work to keep your precious fucktard as stupid as possible.

And yeah, I just said “fucktard”. Whatever.

Now, Shelly, it’s your turn. Spar or not? :)


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  1. Shelly M
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 13:38:51

    I see your point and agree. Isn’t this sad? We cannot spar. I suppose I should let you know that I am a radical among my Christian friends. (Warning: my beliefs are about to be spewed)

    I believe that when Christ came to earth he came to show us that we all have freedom of choice. He taught love and acceptance for all humans. If he wanted us all to be alike I imagine that he would have created robots that would follow him without question, But he didn’t do that. He gave us all a brain…Thank God! He went to the leaders of the church (Pharisees) and called them unclean and pointed to them as people who want to be seen, instead of people who show love.

    The gay issue is where some of my Christian friends think I’m nuts but I think they are brainwashed! People blame the Sodom and Gomorrah splattering as a gay issue. I think God actually made it quite clear that the sexual “misconduct” was not the problem there. In my understanding those cities were filled with baby killers, murderers and other unjust people. The sex that was talked about was beside the point. Not only did God save the man who tried to give his daughters to be raped to the mob but after they were saved from the splattering, the father got drunk, had incestuous sex with his daughters on two separate nights and “begot” his own grand-sons. Doesn’t that kind of highlight the fact that the sex wasn’t the issue in those cities? Ah well, I’m asking an atheist these questions! LOL You will undoubtedly tell me that all of the Bible is crap. LOL

    Anyway, I could do without people lumping all Christians into the radical boat and all atheists into the corrupt boat. I think most of us are just middle of the road humans who put a lot of thought into our ideals. The far left and far right make it hard on all of us.

  2. electricbarbarella
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 13:47:01

    I might tell you the bible is crap, but you just assumed that because I am atheist, I would automatically think the bible is crap AND that I might not know the answers to your questions because I am atheist. :)

    However, I guess we cannot spar today, as you will see, you and I actually agree on this. I DO know about Sodom and Gomorrah, just as I know about Onan and why his story is so misused. A good atheist will read the bible–know thine enemy, keep him close. :) Funnily enough, the whole “bring them out so that we may know them”, is where they get the gay sex idea.. Because, after all, the only way you can “know” someone is by fucking them; there can’t be any other way.(sarcasm)

    Anyway, maybe something will come up soon enough that we may spar over. If nothing else, it’ll make a good conversation piece.

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