If you read World News Daily….

You deserve to be called “ignorant”; especially so if you actually believe the tripe they publish.

Basically, the University of California is denying admission to several Christian Students because they do not have the proper Biology Courses, as stated by University Rules, in the credits. They’re being denied admission because biology was taken out. They have said, quite clearly, that students must be educated in biology to a certain standard in order to be accepted to their schools. Christian students who are taught that evolution is false and are taught creationism in its stead are not educated to that standard. It is not reasonable to expect that other students should sit through a class where Christian students are remedially educated in the facts of biology to catch them up. So the UoC has told the schools that their students would not be accepted. This is what happened.

But, World Nutcase Daily twisted this story around to be “College is Denying Christians!!”, when that is not the case.

Court Dismisses Constitutional Challenge to UC’s “A-G” Course Evaluation
Policies in ACSI v. Stearns
On March 28, 2008, U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero dismissed
constitutional challenges to the University of California’s policies for determining
whether high school courses teach academic content and skills in a manner sufficient to
meet the University’s a-g college preparation requirements. The lawsuit, Association of
Christian Schools International v. Stearns, was filed in 2005 by the Association of
Christian Schools International, Calvary Chapel Christian School in Murrieta, California,
and several Calvary Chapel students. The suit claims that UC’s high school course
evaluation policies violate the free speech and religious freedom rights of some Christian
schools and students. The suit also challenged University position statements to the
effect that it would not approve courses that use certain textbooks as their primary text
because those books do not provide adequate instruction in academic content and skills.
UC moved for partial summary judgment on the basis that that its review policies
and the position statements are constitutional exercises of the University’s right to
evaluate the qualifications of applicants for admission. The Court agreed, holding that
the University has a legitimate interest in evaluating the adequacy of high school courses
to prepare students for study at UC; that its process for doing so is reasonable; that the
University’s academic standards are also reasonable and do not discriminate against
religion; that the position statements are a reasonable application of those academic
standards; and that the University accommodates religious school students in various
The University did not move for summary judgment on plaintiffs’ challenges to
several specific course approval decisions. The Court did, however, reject plaintiffs’
motion seeking judgment on those “as applied” claims, which remain for trial. The
decision is important because it affirms the University’s ability to set reasonable
admissions standards that apply equally to all applicants and all schools. UC remains
committed to ensuring that all qualified high school students have an equal opportunity to
gain admission to the University.

Here is the link for the Full 51-page Ruling

If you pCm’s had actually taught your kids something other than “God did it”, they’d have received an education adequate enough to allow them to attend the UoC. And I wouldn’t be here writing about some ignoramous on a message board who claims World Nutjob Daily as the only proof they ever need, in so much as news is concerned.

I fear for her kids future.

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  1. Tony Whitson
    Jul 22, 2008 @ 09:49:29

    Actually, I don’t think there are any students who have been denied admission in this case.

    There are alternative ways to gain admission. One of those involved the “A-G” requirements for high school courses. The University informed the school that some of its courses were not being approved under the “A-G” requirements, so the Christian schools sued to get their courses approved. This is not about individual students who have been denied admission at this time.

  2. electricbarbarella
    Jul 22, 2008 @ 10:02:57

    Which is/was my point. Christians are not being denied entry, only those from Christian schools who do not have the proper entry requirements.

    WND is the one trying to claim the individuals are being denied.


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